Australia’s no.1 Cooking Show and Wüsthof

Australia’s number 1 reality cooking show starts Feb 1st and again this year Wusthof is the official knife supplier.

To coincide with Season 7, Wüsthof will be bringing you stacks of extra exclusive content including a weekly live interactive cooking demonstration from ex-MKR tester Tammi Kwok and weekly insights into what goes through the minds of the competitors from 2014 winner Jessica Liebich.

A professional chef, former MKR tester and all-round cooking enthusiast , Tammi Kwok will be using her expertise and inside knowledge  to host LIVE cooking demonstrations, recipe challenges and food adventures, The unique format of these shows gives you the opportunity to ask your questions live while Tammi is cooking.

The episodes will air every Wednesday from 6.30pm Eastern standard time and will be followed up with recipe cards and a blog post from Tammi immediately afterwards.

There will also be weekly updates from 2014 MKR winner and mother of two, Jessica Liebich. Jess will be offering a rare insight into what goes through the mind of a contestant at each stage of the competition.

A weekly blog post containing Jess’s insights, predictions and opinions, what challenges and recipes Tammi faces in the upcoming episode and a host of hints, tips and the inside scoop on an upcoming recipe competition will be available every Wednesday on Wüsthof’s website.

This week Tammi will be showing viewers how to have a BBQ in an apartment and Jess divulges her pre-show experiences and insights ahead of the season premier on February 1st.

Tammi Kwok

Not a stranger to TV cooking shows, not only was Tammi a chef on Restaurant Revolution,  Tammi has also worked as a tester for My Kitchen Rules. She was tasked with attempting the challenges before the competitors, setting the  high standard the contestants need to achieve.

Not just a whiz in the kitchen, Tammi also is a successful food journalist.  She contributes to various Australian Magazines and is also the creator of popular food blogs: Tea for Tammi and Insatiable Munchies.

Now Tammi wants to share her passion for cooking with an whole new interactive audience – you! For the next 12 weeks, Tammi will be attempting challenges, re-creating Australia’s favourite cooking show’s recipes and sharing her experiences with you every Wednesday via a series of live, interactive Periscope videos.

What is Periscoping?

Periscope is the new video streaming service taking the social media world by storm.  Periscoping allows the viewer  to not only watch a Live video of the host, but to also send the host questions and comments as the recording is happening. It’s like being on the set of a cooking show and being able to ask questions as the chef is making the recipes.

To view and contribute to Tammi’s interactive videos, download the Periscope app to your phone and follow the prompts to setup your account. It only takes a few minutes.
Click here for Apple users, and here for Android users.

Once you are up and running, search for Tea for Tammi and follow Tammi’s account. The episodes will go Live every Wednesday at 6.30pm Eastern Standard Time, but don’t worry if you miss it, because you can still view the show for 24 hours afterwards, although you won’t be able to ask Tammi all those kitchen questions you have been dying to get an answer for!

What is on this week’s show?

As season 7 does not start until February 1st, Tammi will this week be tackling an issue many Australian’s face every day, HOW TO HAVE A BBQ IN AN APARTMENT.

Tammi will be cooking delicious KANGAROO BURGERS, Homemade Pizza bases with smoked garlic paste and melted mozzarella, BBQ Peach, prosciutto rocket balsamic salad, German Potato salad, Banana ketchup pork, Olive Bread and Coal Baked Potatoes.

The Kangaroo Burger recipe will be available immediately after the show.

Insights from 2014 Winner, Jessica Liebich

More than 3.7 million Australians watched as mum of two, Jessica Liebich and her teammate Bree won My Kitchen Rules in 2014.

Since her victory Jessica, who is from South Australia, has became a prominent up-and-coming figure within the culinary industry. She has created her own food manufacturing company Messy Jessy,  and has  returned to television as a guest chef on In the Garden with Kim Syrus.

As the seventh season of My Kitchen Rules develops, Jessica will be sharing her insights, predictions and opinions on this year’s installment of Australia’s favourite cooking show.
We catch up with Jessica for her pre-show insights.

 Can you talk me through the process of the early stages of MKR?
Jessica - We started with a video application, I remember doing it and thinking that we would just send it off and never hear from them again. It was quite funny actually; Bree, my teammate, had just came back from the gym so didn’t look her best!
We got contacted very quickly after submitting the video, which we were exceptionally shocked by.
Then there was a string of auditions and workshops, it was a very nervous time for me, especially as it was spread out across four months!

Before the filming actually began what was your biggest worry?
Jessica - In the early stages of the competition my biggest worry was that I didn’t know anything about the other contestants. I didn’t know what their capabilities or skills were. Although I knew my team’s strengths, it didn’t stop me wondering.
The build up to the first day was a very anxious time.

What did you find to be the most challenging part of the competition?
Jessica - The most challenging part of the competition was leaving my two young children at home. I was gone for five months and I only saw them twice, it was very difficult..
There were times when I thought that I should go home because I missed them so much. Fortunately, my husband told me to stay put! He was left juggling a full time job and two kids under five but he didn’t complain! It was me that did the complaining but it should have been him.
Having a good support system back at home will defiantly help the new contestants, especially if there are any parents in the competition.

What advice would you give to the new contestants at this stage?
Jessica - The contestants have to remember that are there to compete and not there to make friends.
When I entered Bree and I knew we were in it to win it. Which may sound very competitive, but it was a competition after all!
Some of the other contestants became friends; they were even swapping recipe secrets and tips! I kept my cards close to my chest, I was friendly but at the same time I knew I wasn’t there to make friends. I thought that if I was sacrificing seeing my kids for so long I wanted it to be because I won.
I think that because Bree and I made it clear from the start that were wanted to win, and because we didn’t form an alliance with other teams people thought we were negative and a bit snobby. This isn’t true, we just didn’t want to give away our advantage!

Were you nervous about meeting the judges?
Jessica - Yes! Early on in the competition I was seated directly in front of Pete and Manu and thinking: “Is this really happening?”
I felt like a rabbit in the headlights!
After a while you loosen up and realise they are really nice and have a great sense of humour, which you defiantly need in this competition!

Many contests are not prepared for the time pressures in the early stages competition. Was this the case for you?
Jessica – Before we began the competition we devised a step by step plan for every stage, including the pop up restaurants. Bree and I both new our strengths and what food we could create the time limits, so we felt that we were pretty well prepared.
I’m not saying there weren’t times when we thought we wouldn’t get everything done on time, that definitely happened a few times! We managed to pull through though.

What advice would you give the new contestants?
Jessica -I would say the most important things for the new contestants to do would be to manage their time, keep their work spaces clean and know their capabilities…and of course aim to win!

Do you think you had any advantages in the competition?
Jessica - I think I had an advantage as being a mum I was used to multitasking!
I also had the advantage of been introduced to cooking at a young age. Cooking is a very natural thing for me to do and I would say it is my second nature. This means I am confident in the kitchen and know exactly what I can create.

My Kitchen Rules will return to our screens on February 1st.

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