The Kitchen Surfer III

The all-rounder knife that is ideal for people who love creating a variety of dishes, as you do not have to keep changing knife styles.

With the rise in popularity for home cooking Wüsthof has created a third edition of the Kitchen Surfer. Reflecting on its name the Kitchen Surfer has been carefully designed to make your time in the kitchen effortless by ‘surfing’ through your food preparation.

The Kitchen Surfer III has all the properties amateur and professional cooks will love as the knife embraces the fun and creative side of cooking by being versatile to a wide range of different food items. It was through the love of experimenting knives with a wide range of dishes that inspired Wüsthof to combine a traditional Cook’s Knife with an Asian styled blade shape.

The cutting edge of the Kitchen Surfer III is rounded like a cook’s knife, whilst the blade surface is sharpened to a thin flexible edge, which is styled the Asian way. The extremely sharp edge ensures perfectly cut food items, whether it is vegetables, meat or finely chopped herbs.

Well presented in smart packaging and available at a reasonable price the Kitchen Surfer III makes the ultimate gift idea. This knife is the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys cooking and wants to experience the pleasure of using a sharp versatile knife.

Like all Wüsthof products the Kitchen Surfer III is 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in Solingen, Germany. It is made with the highest quality of materials that is set to last a lifetime and comes with a warranty that follows suit.

For more information or for a list of stockists contact the Wüsthof Australia team at 1800 099 266 or email



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