Wüsthof is Proudly Supporting My Kitchen Rules


Wüsthof is proudly supporting Season 6 of Australia’s most popular cooking competition My Kitchen Rules, currently airing on Channel 7 at 7.30pm Monday – Thursday.

This season of My Kitchen Rules features new groups of home cooks battling it out in what has so far been one of Australia’s most fierce cooking competitions. With more twists and turns than ever before, we have seen contestants being pushed to boiling point.

Manu Feildel and Pete Evans have returned to host and judge this ultimate home cooking showdown. The judges table has also seen the return of guest judges Colin Fassnidge, Guy Grossi, Karen Martini and Liz Egan.

Throughout the first phase of the competition each team has had the chance to transform an ordinary home into an instant restaurant. Contestants served a three-course menu designed to impress the judges and their opposing teams. The judges and opposing teams scored the dishes out of 10 with the lowest scoring team facing the risk of elimination.

The Kitchen Headquarters phase sees contestants pushed to boiling point as teams create dishes using certain ingredients to stay in the competition. All teams are scored by the judges and guest judges to determine who will be safe from elimination.

The Grand Final sees the two top teams prepare their ultimate menu as they battle it out to win My Kitchen Rules. Again this year, the top two teams will battle it out in the grand final where they will present their ultimate dining menu for a full restaurant. The stakes are high with the winning team taking home $250,000 in prize money. It is the ultimate battle to decide whose kitchen rules.

Contestants have been using a wide range of Wüsthof knives from the premium Classic IKON Collection. The current Wusthof items that are featured on MKR are:

  • Classic IKON Sandwich Knife 16cm
  • Classic IKON Carving Knife 20cm
  • Classic IKON Cook’s Knife 20cm
  • Classic IKON Santoku Knife 17cm
  • Classic IKON Bread Knife 20cm
  • Classic IKON Boning Knife 14cm
  • Classic IKON Sausage Knife 14cm
  • Classic IKON Paring Knife 9cm
  • Classic IKON Filleting Knife (flexible) 16cm
  • Classic IKON 7-Piece Block Set
  • Honing Steel 23cm
  • 2 Stage Sharpener
  • Pull Apart Shears

Keep an eye out for upcoming My Kitchen Rules 2015 promotions from Wüsthof. For more information please free call Milner’s Brand Marketing on 1800 099 266.

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